The King in Yellow

The Second Night

In which the players demonstrate their willingness to murder

Though Vind had disappeared mysteriously, and the Game Master himself was waylaid by a vicious attack of tequila the night prior, the game continued.

The players were summoned again by Law. In his secret room, Law once again laid out the priorities to the players; recover the King in Yellow, at whatever cost. He then pointed them to the Society Library to recover as much information as possible, while Law himself saw to some personal business.

Sam then spoke to his superior in the OIS, who ordered that he recover the book that was handed over to Law in the previous session. Sam complied.

At the Society Library, the players met Jane Austen, the bubbly librarian. They learned all about the King in Yellow and its history, as well as the most likely location for the hidden library; a mansion in the hills of Malibu that had been passed down Bella Lagosi’s family for generations. Sam did his best to recover the book, but Jane Austen admitted that it was in her lab at her house.

The players headed to the Malibu estate, deep in the no-man’s land of the West LA beaches. They walked into the house, explored a bit, and found some scrawny, filthy children with wild, white eyes chanting in some exotic circle. The kids watched the group warily, and as the players approached, the children became agitated. The players then ran from the children as they became feral, and found themselves shut in a bedroom. Several attempts to bar the door resulted in failure as the weak and crippled players made a lot of noise. Subsequent attempts to leave the room through the window resulted in a 2 story drop. They ran around the house and entered through a cellar door. Explorations ended up with Rida encountering a man who had been mutilated and was undergoing horrific torture, which made him faint. The other players had to drag him as the children gave chase. The players ended up in a strange dark room lit with candles and decorated on the floor with chalk-drawn circles and strange writing. In the room were several women hooked up to life-support systems and IV drips. The children huddled at the threshold to the room, refusing to step inside.

Rida attempted to grab an IV pole and vault over the children, but his stunt ended up short and he was mauled by the children until he crawled back into the room. Damara tried to fight her way through and crashed through into the next room. Panicked at the sound of fighting in the next room over, Sam grabbed his gun and mercilessly sent shots through various parts of child anatomy. Brains and blood littered the cellar passageway as Sam made his way into the next room and found Damara locked in battle with another child. One child having been knocked out cold, the other was hanging onto her arm, teeth lodged deep into her skin.

Sam had no time to aim, and in the ensuing panic, ended up putting a bullet through Damara’s arm. The child was soon shaken free, and Sam ended its life with a bullet through the head.

The party finally made it past the children and into the hidden library. They found the tome they were looking for, and Rida managed to take hold of it without ill effect.

On their way out, however, they were confronted by two fish-like men, who demanded revenge for the death of their children. Sam convinced them that there had been an accident that resulted in the deaths, and the men decided to treat the players and sacrifice them to their dark gods instead. Their plans were short lived, however, as they were ripped into bloody ribbons by the gaunt that had made an appearance last time.

A disembodied voice warned Sam that the next time they met, Sam would have to provide the information on Bella’s body, or they would all meet the same fate. Rida by this point was long gone with the book.

After returning the book to Law, Law was ecstatic, and ordered Rida to put the book into a safe. Law then helped the characters study up and attempt to learn any new skills.

He left them all with the knowledge that as new Brothers of the Society, they’d be called upon again soon.


ennui ennui

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