The King in Yellow

The Third Night

In which a traitor leads the party to a violent show-down

A days after the recovery of The King in Yellow, Law calls upon the intrepid PCs for another mission; their first as full members of the Eldritch Society.

The book that the party had recovered from Ginny’s lawyer’s office, which had been at Jane Austen’s apartment in her lab being studied, was stolen out from under Vind’s nose. He had been assigned to protect the book, when he was knocked unconscious and the book then stolen and the apartment ransacked.

The King in Yellow and the safe that contained it also needed to be transported somewhere safe in the headquarters of the Eldritch Society. The unknown book also had to be recovered from the agency that stole it from Jane’s apartment.

Law gave the group either option, letting them know that another Society group near Los Angeles would take care of the other option. As the unknown book seemed to harbor secrets that would increase the capability of the Eldritch Society greatly, probably with the ability to grant great power to the PCs, the PCs decided to go after that, first.

The only person who knew what had happened, however, was Sam, the OIS agent responsible for the theft. He was ordered to make sure that the PCs never found any evidence, at any price.

The group arrived at the scene of the crime, and found a series of incriminating evidence: a panini with a bootprint, secondary security camera footage, a secret database server hard drive, and lastly, the occult labratory where the theft took place (complete with undead fetus). Sam skillfully covered up the evidence and seemed faily confident that the book would never be recovered.

However, upon leaving the premises, the group was attacked by assassins, who seemed to be bent on exterminating Sam first. In the ensuing panic, Sam began seeing visions and disembodied voices that seemed to eminate from the would-be killers. One assassin was incapacitated, while a sniper in a house adjacent began picking off the players, who ran.

During a car chase, the players managed to lose 3 different cars giving pursuit; Rida discovered a skill for biking, and the others were able to survive 2 other cars trying to slam into them, bullets filling the air between the vehicles.

Both the Wild Zeroes and the Society were contacted for emergency backup, and the characters were told me expect backup at a gas station at the corner of Pico and Sepulveda. They pulled into the fix-it garage of said gas station just as 3 more unmarked black sedans pulled up, and the players set themselves up in the quick-mart area of the gas station. A mysterious force destroyed one of the cars, and kept the passengers of the other car busy while the players dispatched the other cars. Rida used the console to turn off the lights of the mart, reroute the security footage of the station, and shut the garage door. Sam, by then catatonic in a panic attack, managed to wake himself up in time to help as Rida threw a high-proof alcohol at the car, which Vida shot at, spraying the final passenger, at which point Sam then fired his taser, setting the villain alight. Damara viciously attacked two henchmen, channeling some inner ancient-lesbian-warrior aura to decapitate and murtilate them both to gruesome deaths.

Finally, a great blue light filled the light as a car exploded outside, whereupon four sillhouetted figures walked towards the players, as the session came to a close…


ennui ennui

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