Lawrence "Law" Watanabe

The go-between for the PCs and the Eldritch Society elders.


My name is Lawrence Watanabe. Everyone calls me Law. I don’t care that you know my full name, because it is not my real name. Names give too much power, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll never reveal your own. Trust no one.

I am the Law, by the way. As least as far as you’re concerned. You’ll recieve your… “service requests” from the Society through me, and through me you’ll serve mankind. But you better do your homework and keep your eyes open, because when I say trust no one, I mean it. You’d do best not to trust me.

Law is always impeccibly dressed. In a smart suit and matching tie, he hair perfectly trimmed in the old mod style. He has a calm demeanor and looks intently at whomever he is speaking to. There is always a palpable charge in the air when he’s around…

Lawrence "Law" Watanabe

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