Tag: Society


  • Lawrence "Law" Watanabe

    _My name is Lawrence Watanabe. Everyone calls me Law. I don't care that you know my full name, because it is not my real name. Names give too much power, so if you know what's good for you, you'll never reveal your own. Trust no one._ _I am the Law …

  • Jane Austen

    Don't let the horn rimmed glasses and pigtails fool you. Jane is a no-nonsense librarian in the employ of the Eldritch Society. She decides who gets what access to what occult information, so you shouldn't ever get on her bad side.

  • Steamboat Willy

    "Willy here. What can I do ya for?" Just a dial away. Steamboat Willy is the contact for all field agents who need a human voice to help where conventional PCPU units can't do the job fast enough. Other than the voice, nothing else is known about …