Chrysalis Corporation

The Chrysalis Corporation

The Chrysalis Corporation started off as a relatively small firm dealing with a smattering of consumer arcanotech devices. However, this all changed with the installation of their new CEO

Shrouded in darkness and hardly ever seen, the new CEO controls the company with an iron fist. Within a number of years, the company became the second largest conglomeration, lagging behind only the Ashcroft Foundation. They now deal in military technology, entertainment, retail and food, and even social engineering. And, of course, covert sorcery.

What the public doesn’t know is that the CEO is none other than the Great Old One, Nylarthotep. Since his installation, the cult devoted to his mad worship, the Children of Chaos, have taken over the upper echelons of the company. With his guidance, they’re spreading their evil influence throughout the world, using whatever means necessary.

Though the corporation’s might stems from its financial stability, the physical strength comes from the Dhoanoids. These creatures were once mortal humans, who have given up their souls to become something not quite human. Their hideous and otherworldly transformations vary from man to man, but each Dhoanoid is capable of terrifying feats.

Woe to the man who ever comes face to face with a Dhoanoid. Unfortunately, not even the Society has the means to reliably combat these foes…

Chrysalis Corporation

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